Fidget Cube; Not Just For Children, Helping with Stress & Anxiety

They’re all the latest craze right now, but fidget cubes aren’t just for children.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had an issue with sitting still.

I can remember as a child clicking the buttons on the remote trying to not accidently change the channel.

Running my fingers on my sleeves. Twirling my hair.
In school I used to tap the table or rapidly click my pen.

As I’ve got older I still click the remote though I have a separate one to the one for the TV. I used to click the mute button on my stereo under my indicator when stuck in traffic.

I can’t sit though a tv programme without doing something!

I’ve been searching for something that was less annoying for my family. I needed something small enough for my hands but gave me the same impact.

So when I found fidget cubes one day while scrolling through social media, I started doing some research.

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