Student v Being mum

I first started looking into studying a course when my daughter was a few months old.
I couldn’t just be a stay a home mum and “just raise the baby”. I had to keep my mind busy too.
I started my first short course in March 2015. I was worried about being a part time student and a mum for the first time. The course was difficult but achievable. And it did fit easily around being a mum too.

I then went on to do another course starting September that year. I spoke to student finance whom were willing to help with childcare whilst I attended my half a day course.
This is fab for both her and me. Not only was she getting to socialise and learn new things. I had peace of mind that too.
When is comes to my exams I am a nightmare. I have to arrange my day and week perfectly so I can get my day to day things done but study when my daughter naps and in the evenings.
To help me beat the stress, my daughter and I will go on a long park walk. Not only is it great exercise for us both but it also gives me time to clear my head and relax.
Two exams left on this course and I feel like I’ve achieved so much in such a short space of time. My daughter has gain more confidence and loves to learn new things with her little friends she’s made.
I’m glad I’ve made the decision to study now instead of waiting until she was in mainstream school.
I’m hoping to continue onto my 3rd course in September.
And start building on my new career.

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