She is growing up

I recently decided to a stop my daughter’s daytime nap. I’ve had other mums tell me that she’s too young and that their own children didn’t stop having naps until they were going on three.
My daughter is 2 years old.
My reasons to stop were she only naps in her buggy, she recently learnt that if she is laid flat that she can wiggle out of the straps -even on the tightest setting! And then she’s free.

It started with her just sitting up but now she just climbs out. She would scream and shout so much about wanting to sit up or get out to the point where she isn’t tired anymore.
There are days when I wish she would nap. From half 3 in the afternoon she’s acting up and getting frustrated with everything.
The best thing about her no longer napping is that she goes to bed and instead of running around for hours on end, she settles and is asleep within half hour. And rarely wakes in the night too.
We have had some funny moments though. She’s never been on to fall asleep anywhere but her buggy or bed. So to find her completely asleep in her booster seat with her dinner in her hair one afternoon was adorable! And she also made a bed of blankets from the sofas to curl up and sleep in with a dog who we were looking after.
Although I understand what other parents do. Every child is different. And the battles to get her to nap was so stressful. It just means I have to be super speedy when doing the housework for now on.

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