Potty Training Week 1

Dry like me sun

On Sunday as part of our weekly shop we went down the children’s clothing aisle and located the girls underwear section. I found a selection in my daughter’s size and hung them at her eye level for her. We then asked her to pick two packets – one at a time that were her favourite. Letting her have control.

In the mornings I usually find my daughter on her potty talking, singing or reading to her teddies. I got a packet of her knickers out of her drawer along with a Dry Like Me pad.
Siting down with her we establish she’s done a wee already. I ask and explain simply to her:
Do you remember choosing grown up knickers yesterday? Well today would you like to pick one to wear? (Giving her the packet) These knickers are like mummy’s knickers no wee wees can go in them. Again I’m giving her control.

The pads for me are easy to put in if she’s sat on her potty as it’s like a mini chair. My daughter doesn’t fuss over the pad so they must be comfortable. At first she was like what is this. Now she doesn’t notice them.

The morning continued really well, every half hour asking her to sit on the potty – lots of praise even if she couldn’t go.

I then realise we needed to go to town!
Spare leggings – check ✔
Another Dry Like Me pad – check ✔
Realistically locating a public facility in town – check ✔
Off we go!

To be fair I needn’t have worried about my daughter possibly having an ‘accident’ in public – we did go to a public toilet but she was certain she didn’t need to go. We got home – still dry and more praise.

Started great. We attend our local children’s group. Again she was certain she didn’t need to go before we queued up, due to her waiting to play. We negotiated to try again in around half an hour. Yes she doesn’t know time but she thinks she’s in control.

We made it through the hour and half still dry and one wee done. We got home and straight to her potty – more praise!

Then we hit a disaster. She needed to nap. I try to get her through the day without one so she sleeps better at night. Today she really needed one. When she woke up, I didn’t notice at first until she quietly sat up and was watching me. That look I now know was a look of ‘I just wet myself and it’s not a little bit’. She got off the sofa, completely soaked and told me, “mummy my trousers are all wet”.
Although I don’t want to encourage ‘accidents’, I did praise her for telling me. Even if it was a bit too late.

Wednesday – Friday
These days were almost identical. I’m still asking her every half an hour – it is time consuming but I want her to recognise and understand that even if we’re playing we can stop to use the potty and come back.
So proud we have been dry for 3 days!

Saturday and Sunday
Daddy’s days off.
Introducing daddy to Dry Like Me! And having a potty training back up buddy. We said we’d trial extending from every half an hour to 45 minutes, mainly as she is doing so well.
On Saturday afternoon I notice she’s done more than just a ‘opps’. I ask her if she remembers where her wee wees go. She tells me in her potty. I replace her Dry Like Me pad and tell her little accidents are okay but she must tell Mummy or Daddy’s.

If you unsure or haven’t heard of Dry Like Me view my previous post here


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