OXO Tot Training Cup

My first impressions of OXO Tot’s Training Cup were how little packaging there is and the overall size of cup.
Whenever I want to try something new I allow my daughter to explore it first. She knew instantly that it was a “big cup” what she meant was a big girl cup. She then noticed the flow ounce measurements on the side.
I started introducing her training cup when she is sitting in her booster seat – she’s always been an independent eater so this was a great way to start.

OXO Tot Training Cup comes with a clear insert which stops the water coming out all at once, it easily removable for cleaning and when she no longer needs it. It feels lightweight even when filled up and has soft grips for her tiny hands.
Day one to three, was all about learning. I started by showing her how to do it, then letting her try. There was alot of “oh no, I wet mummy”, but a calm (whilst trying not to laugh), it’s okay approach worked. Even though she was trying to drink in the most bizarre way.
Day four to six, she mastered a few sips! Then tried to drink from the upper edge while tipping so nothing was stopping the spill from the bottom where she should be drinking from. Soaked again.
Day seven onwards, over night she has done it. Every time she drinks she says “mmm yummy” or “I did it mummy”. So proud of her!
We’ve tried a few training cups but OXO Tot is by far the best one for us. We still take her sports bottle when we’re out as we wouldn’t want a wet pushchair or car seat. It’s certainly coming with us when we eat out and visit family and friends.
This training cup comes in 3 colours: raspberry, green and aqua. Its £6.60 plus p+p. What’s more is all the lids in the cups range fit each other.
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for a review, however all opinions are my honest views.
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