Our bedtime routine with #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge

With both my partner and I now working full time Monday to Friday having a strict routine is key. Especially when it comes to bed time as anything out of the ordinary and my 2 year old isn’t settling until gone 9pm. Leaving me stressed out!

We started using Bepanthen when she was a few weeks old. I had a sample from a pregnancy pack and kept it in my baby bag. We’d been to visit family and she wasn’t herself, not showing the usual telltale signs of becoming unwell either. It was when I changed her I noticed mild redness and reached for the cream.

I used it throughout her teething stages as I noticed that when she was about to cut another tooth her nappies showed the first sign.
We still use it today as she’s far from really to be potty trained.
Our weekday bedtime routine is:
6:15pm (ish): Shower. We have a good scrub and sing song
6:25pm: She knows to lie down for “some cream” which is ever other day baby body cream and Bepanthen nightly.
6:30pm: Rough dry her hair with my hairdryer on a slow settling
6:40pm: We have storytime: her favourite book this week is The Smart Giant In Town
6:45pm She’s in bed. Settling herself if she doesn’t go to sleep straightaway. Ready for the day ahead.
After I’ve had a quick tidy up it’s my time before my partner comes home from work.
We keep to this routine now, my daughter loves to choose a different book for the week every Saturday. She knows when I turn the TV off at 4pm it’s time to wind down. Toys go away, dinner comes out and we have extra stories.
Bath, Book Bed routine is perfect for us. No distractions.
I swear by using Bepanthen every night as it’s the only time she is wearing a nappy for a long period of time. We also use it before long car journeys. I guess we’ve been lucky really as she’s never really had a bad rash or soreness last longer than 24 hours.
Bepanthen offers additional comfort to baby and toddlers as it’s non sticky, with a quick absorbing formulation. Applying a thin layer on clean, dry skin as part of the bedtime routine before bed helps both your little one and you have a good night’s sleep.
Nappy rash will be one less thing to worry about.
9 fun facts about Bepanthen:
• is clinically proven for babies delicate skin
• enhances the natural protection of the skin
• maintains optimum moisture levels
• no unnecessary ingredients
• contains ingredients with documented safety & benefit
• is free from potentially toxic ingredients
• is free from potential sensitisers such as fragrances
• contains no antiseptics / preservatives
• is pleasant to use
Always store Bepanthen in a dry place and out of site of children.
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