On the Go Adventures: #MamiaDaysOut

A huge wicker hamper arrived one Friday which my neighbours took in for me – filled with Aldi’s Mamia range of organic food and drinks. The range is suitable from weaning age to two year olds.


The items we received were:
Stage 1:
• Organic Mango, Apple & Banana Purée
• Organic Strawberry & Apple Purée
• Organic Apple, Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash & Blueberry Purée
• Organic Strawberries & Apple Pouch
• Organic Bananas & Apples Pouch
• Organic Carrots, Apples & Parsnips Pouch
Stage 2
• Organic Chicken & Vegetable Casserole Pouch
• Organic Beef Casserole with Vegetables Pouch
• Stage 2 Organic Apple & Blackcurrant Spring Water
• Stage 1 Organic Apple & Pear  Fruit Pots
• Junior Mini Rice Cakes: Apple & Raspberry Flavour
There is also a £5 voucher for me to purchase the right size nappies (and wipes – but we only use a particular brand as she had adverse reactions to others when newborn).
The morning after our hamper arrived we were off to the Baby and Toddler Show for the morning and to visit family after. The wicker basket fitted perfectly on the back seat next to our daughter, with a selection of Aldi’s Mamia range inside plus food for us and our large picnic blanket.
Arriving at her grandparents house, our daughter announces that she’s hungry and there’s a picnic in the box. Unlucky for us the garden was too wet to eat and play outside, so we enjoyed a indoor picnic.
The range is so useful when out and about. The pouches are good for learning to self feed or even poured on to a spoon. The fruit pots are great from room temperature or chilled – these are our daughters favourite as she can see what it is and for me its they’re great as I like to alternate between yogurts. The spring water must be lovely too as our daughter drank half a bottle in one hit, plus its a good size to carry under the pushchair. She wasn’t too keen on the rice cakes but she’s never been a fan really, though her daddy loves them – I’ve even purchased more just for him!
I recently took a trip to our local Aldi to check out more of the range, and to spend our voucher on some nappies, and I was blow away by the prices. The Aldi Mamia organic food range starts from 59p! And a bottle of spring water is 85p.
She just loves to sit and play in this wicket basket


Aldi Mamia was recently awarded the Loved By Parents top Platinum award for best organic food range.
 For the fourth year running Aldi was named as Best Supermarket by Loved By Parents Awards 2016.
This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia

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