Oh Happy Days Card Making Kit from Stampin’ Up! UK

I like crafts. Making something new, personal, unique and different is definately me to a T.

So when an opportunity to review a card making kit came along, I was a little excited!
Oh Happy Day card making kit from Stampin’ Up! UK arrived in a lovely box containing all the items needed to make 20 different cards. 5 different card styles with envelopes.
When I opened the box and spread out every card and design sheets I sat back thinking how did all this fit in this box?


I couldn’t wait to get started, with my daughter at nursery, it was time for me. Daytime telly and washing machine humming in the background, cup of tea and creativity for the next few hours.
Firstly, I laid out all the cards out like the instruction sheet, then I started to put the pieces from the design sheets on top of each card. They were so easy to pop out, every design sheet has a number next to it apart from the white and gold coloured sheets. The numbers match the numbers on the instruction sheet.
After I had the design pieces matched with the cards, it’s time to stamp the phrases. This was my favourite part. The stamp moulds come on my sheet, I peeled of the one needed and as it as sticky it sticks to the clear stamping block well. Dabbed the cube of black ink over the mould, as the block is clear it’s easy to line up where I wanted it and press! Easy.
The moulds are easy to remove and change. The sheet they come on even had the phrases printed on it.


Time to Assemble
I had to study a few of the images on the instruction sheet, as there isn’t further instructions past which pieces to use. Though they do include inches and centimetre measurements for the string length for each card. The images are bright and clear to follow.
I only intended to do a few before the nursery run, but I was so loving each completed card that I ended up doing all twenty!


The only downside is the envelopes are abit snug on a few of the cards.

They are now stored in the box they came in – and I’ve already posted 3 of them!


Overall I loved doing these and would definately purchase another card making kit from the range. The kit is well worth its value and I have a few spare pieces plus the stamp moulds and stamping ink to use too.
Time to make: 3 hours (including tea breaks)
Price: £31.50

Click here to visit Stampin’ Up UK to purchase your own Oh Happy Days kit or to view their range of crafts.*************************

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for a review, however all opinions are my honest views.
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  1. This looks like a fab product! I really love making cards and stamping and I’ve quite a collection of card making supplies at this stage – I can never resist buying more though 🙂

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