My Toddler Firsts, #PetitsFilousFirsts

I recently started to give my daughter Petits Filous yogurts again. I tried her on them when she was 8 months old and she had a reaction to dairy so we were advised to stop and try again later. As she was born 5 weeks premature she may not have been ready. She’s had the odd yogurt in between but I keep forgetting to put them on my shopping list.
I took her to our supermarket and showed her the selection of yogurts she could have as chose the Petits Filous family pack over the My First Petits Filous, think its because she thinks she’ll get more with a larger pack. I purchased both.
I had a free Petits Filous spoon in one of the pregnancy packs I collected and when she was weaning as I signed up to the Petits Filous site they sent my daughter another one. These handy little spoons are perfect for the yogurts.


The main ingredient for My First Petits Filous is milk, which is perfect for my daughters calcium in take as she doesn’t like to drink milk on its own. These are also lovely to mix with fruit too. We like to mix strawberries.

These are a perfect for babies that are being weaned. And they are yummy mixed with fruit.


Not only is My First Petits Filous yummy vanilla flavour, it has calcium, protein and low sugar to help children develop strong bones from 6 months onwards. Which makes them great for the weaning journey. And helps to maintain a balanced diet.
Taking care of my daughter’s bones from an early stage is very important to me as a parent. Lucky for me I’ve never broken a bone! And I hope My daughter never does too.
Calcium and protein children needs through their diet makes up a key part of their none structure. Around 90% of their lifetime bone mass is set by the age of 18! To me that feels like forever away.
Where can I buy My First Petits Filous?
They are currently available from Asda and Morrisons. And available from Tesco from 6th June 2016.

Asda and Morrisons also have Big Pot Natural which has a mild taste. It has Vitamin D, protein and no added sugar.For further information on the range of delicious products, visit the Petits Filous website.

My daughter also enjoys the family pack flavours she can name which one I’ve given her by taste.
I secretly enjoy these too.
My Toddler Firsts
We’ve had a lot of firsts in the last month. From starting a proper morning routine to trying new things.
Boots had a offer on that if I purchased a toothpaste 2 – 6 years I got a toothbrush free.
Our new morning routine is to help make breakfast, tea and water. Catch the weather report. Then we’ll head to the bathroom; have a wash and brush our teeth whilst singing.
We’ll then go back to the living room, while she watched her Something Special show that I’ve pre recorded. She’ll sit and let me do ‘princess hair’ which is two braids now her hair is long enough.
We recently went to a toddler beach party and she had her first ever walk on the beach! She loved running about on the beach and finding odd shaped pebbles. I’ve been wanting to take her since she started walking but the weather wasn’t nice enough.


We’ve had our first toddler swimming lesson. We did baby lessons but home life took over and I never got round to booking anymore. My only regret is that I carried on with her lessons.
She could probably sense my anxiety over the water, even though we watched the baby swim class before we got ready. All she did was scream until we sat pool side and she found a toy to cling onto.
We went to Bedgebury Park, Kent over the May Day bank holiday weekend. The weather was gorgeous! We went with my partner, his best friend, his 11 year old son and their dog.
We also brought a picnic. We found a lovely spot to eat on the yellow walk trail. Walking around theres loads of obstacle courses to do for all ages. My daughter managed to walk nearly three quarters of the route. So proud as that is the most amount of walking she’s ever done!


I recently took her to try a dance class called Diddi Dance. My daughter loves to dance and sing. So this class looked perfect for us. There was difference are groups from toddler to pre-school. My daughter loved socialising with them. The music was fun and upbeat. And the props were exciting, colourful and fun too. My daughter really enjoyed it and we’re definitely going to book classes.


For her birthday last month she got Red Dog, Blue Dog by Orchard Toys. I lay the boards out and show and name the card for her to find on one of the four boards. We’d play this game daily and when we go out and about I’ll ask her to find a colour, usually a car or a flower if we’re out doing our daily park walk. She’s really picked up on her colours since we started playing this game.
We love going to the park daily in all weather, and we’re aiming to go soon without the need of the stroller. We may only take her SmartTrike, but I’d like to attempt a short trip without our stroller as back up.
Can’t wait to start planning more adventures. One of which is to ride the mini train at Dymchurch.
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