My Nametags, back-to-school labelling

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As a parent, I dislike labelling clothing etc for when the new term starts at nursery let alone when she’ll be starting school.

I have a labelling pile that continues to grow until the very last minute.

I don’t mind the ironing on part – its writing out the labels!

My daughter has quite a long name in full. It’s either write a super long label or her first and surname separately and try to get them straight/close together on the item I’m labelling.

I’ve found a company that has taken this issue for me, placed her full name on a iron on label that’s 30mm × 13mm!

What are my nametags*?

They are a label company aimed at helping parents or carers with back-to-school routines etc.

My nametags iron on colour and icon set
Anomalous set: showing the iron on labels you’d receive

They have a wide range of coloured designs and icons to choose from or standard black and white.

What do I like?

You can fit a maximum of 15 characters on each 3 lines.

For example: child’s first name on first line, surname on second and child’s class name on third.

The more text needed the smaller the font, but as you have freedom to design your own you can see exactly how they will look before purchasing.

As the labels are 30mm × 13mm they are quite discreet if labelling something on the outside, like my daughters bag.

My nametags iron on colour and icon set
So much time saved with labels already designed and made

I received 56 iron on labels, that works out to be 21pence per label.

Definitely value for money.

Enough labels to do school uniforms and p.e. kits with spares.

They take seconds to iron on (turn steam setting on iron off!).

So far they have lasted through our washing machine too.

Other Information

The black and white stickers and iron on labels don’t have icons, which would suit older children.
The black and white stickers aren’t suitable for clothing.

You can purchase 75 black and white iron ons + 75 stickers for £11.95, or individually 180 stickers or 120 iron ons for £11.95 each.

The colour stickers and colour iron ons come in sets of 56 for £11.95 each. Please note: Hello Kitty, Mr Men and Little Miss are £13.95.

Postage and packaging is £1.00.

They arrive within a week and in an envelope big enough to fit through most postboxes – no need to worry about missing the delivery!

Iron on labels are long lasting with a 10 year guarantee.

Stickers are suitable for the dishwasher, microwave or steriliser up to 90°C.

Where can I buy?

Click here to be directed straight to designing your own labels.

Enter voucher code SHIPFREE17 for free postage and packing on minimum orders of £15.00.

*Disclaimer: This post contains a affiliate link.
This product was sent to me for a review, however all opinions are my honest views. For more infomation see my disclaimer

32 thoughts on “My Nametags, back-to-school labelling”

  1. When my children were small we used woven name tapes, and those were a major pain to sew into all their clothes. Iron-on labels sound much easier

    1. We use these for nursery. It’s perfect for getting my daughter in the habit of looking for her items.

  2. Im with you when it comes to writing out names! And especially labelling every single school item so you dont have to keep buying stuff when they go missing! Will check this product out as i think its going to save me so much time X

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