Time to change from Cotbed to Toddler Bed

I’d been thinking about changing my daughter’s room around for a while. I made a list of what needed doing and one Monday last month I decided to do it. She hadn’t learnt to climb out of her cotbed but I’d rather we prevent an accident first.
Time to change from a cotbed to a toddler bed.
She was 22 months when I did this, the reason I waited as I wanted to be sure that she could climb on and off our sofas in the living room safely.

I went out a brought a suitable pressure fit baby gate, one that she wouldn’t figure out how to open. I brought a second hand bed guard and gave it a scrub clean and left it to dry.
I started with de-clutering, I want her room to be minimal to start with. I dug out a old box and cut the flaps off to use as a toybox.
Temporary toybox.


I screwed a lock on her built in wardrobe, high enough that she wouldn’t reach it and strong enough that if she did she wouldn’t be able to get it open.
Lock on her built in wardrobe. Strong enough that even I have to use effort to open it.



Then I sorted out her chest of drawers. I completely emptied it and got a bracket to screw it to the wall. The last thing I want is for it to fall on her!
The pressure fit gate was next on my list. I found some strong string to keep her door always open and done several layers of sellotape down the crease of the door to prevent her from trapping her fingers.
I managed to change her bed from a cot bed to a toddler bed by myself with the help folded towel to keep the balance on either end.
So proud that I managed to do change her cotbed to toddler bed by myself


Thoroughly dust and hoover and her room is now complete and I feel so proud of myself that I managed to do it all in a afternoon!
When I showed my daughter it she was so happy, and loves her new room.
Every evening I take her toy box out of her room and put it back when I go to bed so she can play in the mornings.
My only regret is I wish I’d done this sooner! Since being in her ‘big girl’ bed she has been going to sleep within minutes, whereas before she would ‘have a party in her crib’ for hours before eventually settling.
When did you change your child(rens) bed?

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