Making cleaning easier with Vileda SuperMocio 3Action

I’m turning into my mother!

When it comes to cleaning. Growing up I remember my mum would buy the latest cleaning product shown on TV.
Anything that made cleaning less of a chore.

I used to hoover, clean the kitchen and bathroom daily and mop our lino flooring every other day or if anything was spilled.

Since we moved our new home is 90% tiled flooring. I’m cleaning daily.
The amount of dirt that gets walked in especially on rainy days drives me mad!

Like my mum I’ve tried and tested many different floor cleaning devices; many didn’t live up to the hype or needed ‘specialist branded products’ to use with it – costing a fortune and an overpowering scent.

So I’ve gone back to the good old fashioned mop and bucket.

Vileda sent me their SuperMocio 3Action mop with a SuperMocio bucket & wringer.

What is the SuperMocio 3Action mop?

It’s ideal for floors and rooms with stubborn dirt like kitchen, bathroom and hallways.
The lemon-shaped head is great for corner cleaning. The red spot eraser removes tougher dirt spots & stains and the dark blue microfiber removers greasy dirt.

The mop head is also machine-washable.

SuperMocio Bucket & wringer has a 40% less effort wringing system and 25% quicker drying floors.

What do I like?

How lightweight the bucket is, the first day I used it, I filled it up with hot water from the bath hose and a splash of bleach. Expecting the bucket to be heavy once full.

Giving the mop a good soak, the wringer is alot easier than many I’ve used before. It closes completely around the mop head and I only need to wring once and go.

I thought my tiled flooring was relatively clean, well using this mop I couldn’t have been more wrong! The mop was picking up dirt I hadn’t noticed before.

We had a horrid parcel sticky tape residue that I’ve been scrubbing for weeks, SuperMocio made light work removing all of it.


I do prefer mop and bucket cleaning.

SuperMocio 3Action has got my flooring so clean so quickly.

I can now spot if I’ve missed abit. Also I’m not waiting and waiting for my floors to dry, I’d say on average it takes about 10 minutes to be fully dry.

Where can I buy?

You can buy the SuperMocio 3Action mop (RRP £8.50) and SuperMocio bucket & wringer (RRP £8.99) directly from Vileda or from any large retailers.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to review. However all words and opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclaimer

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