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Today is my 27th Birthday. So far I’ve had cards, a free bunch of flowers from Morrisons, a voucher and a gorgeous bangle from my mother-in-law to be.
My partner has planned something for me later but its all secret!
I’ve been admiring Lylia Rose for awhile now, and dropped many hints to my partner.

They stock a lovely range of jewellery, fashion accessories, and home and gift accessories. All at reasonable prices too.
Some of the items I’ve had my eye on are:
Rose Gold Engraved Tree Necklace £7.99



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The reason I love this as the words live, life, laugh and family. Family means alot to me especially my toddler daughter. Watching her grow and learn, becoming more of a mini me by the day.


Next is the Rose Gold Bird Earrings £6.99
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These are stunning in rose gold and would match my other rose gold jewellery. I love rose gold colour, I can’t put my finger on why I like it so much.
Last but not least, Large Nordic ‘ Home Sweet Home’ craved heart £7.99
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This would look lovely in my home. We’ve finally got a lovely house with plenty of space for us. We may have lost of dog before Christmas but this is still our home and our family.
These are just a few of the lovely designs from the website. They do First Class shipping to the UK and cheap EU shipping too.


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