When Job Search Emails Become Laughable

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m currently between jobs. This isn’t from lack of not trying.

What I’m looking for seems to be non existent and if it is I never even get so much of an interview.

I pick up our weekly free papers just for the job adverts, I constantly look in shop windows for advertisements.

I’ve signed up to many job search websites including the top 3 that I’ve seen on TV.

I actively apply for vacancies daily and along with that comes the daily rejection emails.

There is a few job search websites which are starting to frustrate me.

One particular site I spent hours adding all my details, work history, education etc. I set up daily email alerts relating to my location and job choice, and another when an instant job match is posted.

All was fine for months, the daily emails came through at random times of the day. I don’t mind this as it gives me an excuse to sit down with a cuppa tea.

Lately these emails are becoming ridiculous!

Firstly the location of the available job position. I’m not talking an extra train station stop or efree half hour car journey each way. I mean the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Try Aberdeen, Lincoln or North London.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t expect to find a job on my doorstep, but I’d have to leave at 4am for most of the locations for these employments. And what would I do with my daughter? I can’t get her out of bed at that time, even if I did find a nursery in the local unfamiliar area.

Now the type of job alerts are just silly. I had an instant job email last week. I was pretty excited when I saw part of the subject of the email on my phone. Perfect location, part time flexible hours, trainee…bricklayer!?

Bricklayer, seriously, I’ve never laid a brick in my life and don’t intend to. Nor is my C.V. stating I’m interested in any type of groundwork, nor has any of my previous work history been even slightly related. Scrolling down the “30 more” recommended jobs on the second email that came through minutes after we have a carpentry apprentice vacancy, assistant caretaker vacancy, CSCS labour vacancy.

When Job Search Emails Become Laughable

Hmm… I have choose my new career path, gain two qualifications in the past 2 years for it and these possible employments are far from working with numbers at a possible desk, maybe office like environment.

Another job search website likes nothing more than to email online study courses, for a discount price, for qualifications I’ve already gained at college!

I could stop these daily alerts, I could just manually search everyday like I currently do. I like to be notified as I may have missed one or three and I’d rather not miss an opportunity of my future employment.

Or I could continue being a stay at home mum, lacking mental stimulation, living off a single income.

No offence to any stay at home parents, I like to make my own independent money.

This wouldn’t be a ideal role model for my daughter to follow either.

It’s not only me that seems to get these emails.

Other parent bloggers also have received odd work related emails too:

“Urgh all the time. I’m qualified in childcare but I’m looking to move into Marketing! Yet all I get are jobs about childcare, Coca Cola and Mi6”. Amy from www.thesmallestofthings.com

“I’m in childcare and once got an email about being a forklift driver”. Jaymee from www.themumdiaries.co.uk

“Yep! I’m a biological scientist and literally get anything that could involve having a degree. I always set my preferences to only local as well and I get all over the UK”. Nicola from www.mamafierce.co.uk

Do you receive these emails? Let me know your most bizarre ones.

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