How a Family of 3 Went to Hever Castle for £13.80

My partner and I share a love of castles. Before we had our daughter we had visited many across East Sussex and Kent.

Planning A Day Trip

When we plan a day out it has to be child friendly, interested, fun and within a budget.

Hever Castle and Gardens

Hever Castle is surrounded by many gardens, two mazes, a playground, archery and shield painting, mini model houses and a military museum.

Eating Out

We always take a picnic/ snacks for our days out, especially for long car journeys. Including this one as we were travelling shortly after a thunder and lightening storm and the weather was getting very warm.

Suncream was packed along with extra bottles of water.


Upon entering the grounds, we walked down towards the rowing boats, map in my bag – we wanted to explore first.

Climbing some steps we could hear running water. From a distance you couldn’t tell the size of the water fountain.

Our daughter instantly wanted to ‘make a wish and throw a penny’ in.


The gardens are beautifully maintained, many aren’t allowed to be walked on.

Further on we found a pond; our daughter saw her first dragonflies!

A tree with a waterfall underneath.

Swans – I haven’t seen a swan in years.

So many different types of flowers grouped together.

Hever Castle

The castle is well looked after.

Everyone is guided to the right and follows the rooms on from there.

This castle is different to the ones we’ve been to before. It’s more of a home; Anne Boleyn’s childhood home. Hever Castle then later changed ownership to another of Henry VIII’s wives, Anne Of Cleves.

After the castle fell into decline, not that you can’t tell today, William Waldorf Astor invested in restoring it.

Each room we viewed is fully furnished like a old family home.


We went to the water maze, on this occasion we decided it was too much for our toddler. On the route back via the castle we saw people having a go at archery.

We could see the English Yew Maze from one of the castle rooms.

Our daughter has never done a maze before so she was in the middle of us.

Although we took wrong turns, ‘lost Daddy’ by hiding down one route and still ‘winning’, the maze was complete in minutes.

Long enough to entertain our daughter.


Designed for 5-14 year olds, with swings and a small climbing frame with a slide for under 5s.

Our daughter seemed to enjoy it, huge smile on her face.

Military Museum and Miniature Model Houses

We didn’t spend a great deal of time at this attractions.

Our daughter found the museum scary as some of the sounds reminded her of the earlier thunder storm.

The Model Houses are stunning, so much detail has gone into them!

So how did we visit Hever Castle for £13.80?

My Tesco Clubcard statement from February had some vouchers attached to them.

I’ve never really done anything with them before but use them as money off our weekly shop.

I sat online at the Tesco Clubcard website and looked up days out.

Finding Hever Castle, the website said I could swap a minimum of £2.50 of my clubcard vouchers for a £10.00 voucher to use at Hever Castle.

Before I did anything, I searched online for prices of Hever Castle.

There are two types: Gardens Only or Castle and Garden.

Back on the Tesco Clubcard website I swapped £5.00 of my clubcard vouchers for a £20.00 voucher, which arrived less than a week later in the post.

On Our Visit

Our day would have been £16.90 each for Castle and Garden entry.

For two adults (our toddler was free) the total cost of entry would have been £33.80. Our Tesco Clubcard voucher of £20.00 brought our overall entry to Hever Castle and Gardens to £13.80.



7 thoughts on “How a Family of 3 Went to Hever Castle for £13.80”

  1. Oh what a wonderful post! I’ll save this for future if I ever happen to be around 🙂 sounds like you had a great time!

  2. What great tips with the Tesco club card I collect these points in stores all the time and never do anything with them – definitely something to bare in mind for the summer holidays!

  3. I’m a big fan of castles and historic houses and my kids enjoy visiting them too. Heavier castle looks stunning and being able to swap your club card vouchers made is a good value for money day out

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