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I wasn’t aware FunkyGiraffeBibs stocked children’s hairbands until May last year. My daughter has always had such beautiful hair.
When she started nursery her hair was too short to tie back fully, haircuts were either pulled out by her or didn’t stay in place.
She was always pushing her hair out of her face.

What styles do they do?

The first one she was given is Red Strawberry Rabbit Ear hairband. This hairband is perfect for nursery. I put her hair in a high ponytail and tie the hairband with the knot at the bottom.

It keeps those annoying short fine hairs off her face and as it’s tied underneath other children are less likely to pull it off. She’s had this one for 10 months and it’s still looks like new.

The Funky Orange Flower hairband is my daughter’s favourite, she even picked it herself. This hairband is a closed loop with elastic at the base.

She loves to put this one on herself. The flower motif design is bold and very eye-catching.

The Blue and Pink Diamonds Rabbit Ear hairband is my favourite on my daughter. Again this hairband has elastic at the base and you can adjust the topknot too.

The ends are squared off like a bow tie.

What do I like?
All these hairbands are really soft which is a must for my daughters head, as they need to be comfortable to wear and not be distracted by something on her head. I’ve found that each one sits nicely once on and will generally last all day – or until she remembers that she’s wearing it. She doesn’t complain about the hairbands either and she does look so cute (and sometimes grown up!)
Where can I Buy?
There are a variety of styles; £3.50 for the rabbit ear hairbands and £4.00 for the flower hairbands.
Head over to FunkyGiraffeBibs to check out their range of hairbands, bibs and other accessories.
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for a review, however my opinions are my honest views.
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  1. Oh these look amazing. I wonder if my great niece would like them as she is trying to grow her hair and it goes everywhere!

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