Friday 13th: My 13 Superstitions

So today is one of two Friday 13th of 2017, the next one is in October.
With this day deemed the most unlucky day I’ve compiled a list of my 13 superstitions.
Many of which you may even have as your own.
So here we go:

1) Money in a new purse/ money box – when giving as a gift. Its something my mum does and I’ve taken on board especially when I brought my daughter her first money box for her 1st birthday.
2) Walking over 3 drain covers – this one in more of a safety thing than it being bad luck. The middle cover in my eyes just doesn’t feel safe.
3) Salt over Shoulder – I never really spilt salt until I worked in a restaurant, but recently the entire lid came off our salt shaker all over uncooked salt. Needless to say I wasn’t happy, it went everywhere.
4) Walking under a ladder
5) New shoes on a table – this again I learnt from my mum.
6) Magpies – I love magpies when I see them in groups. Counting one for sorrow, two for joy, etc. I dislike seeing a single one.
7) Umbrellas opened indoors
8) Touching Wood (or my forehead) – when not tempting fate.
9) Horseshoe – I used to go horse riding as a child and we had a old worn horseshoe outside our family home. Always open for luck.
10) Breaking a Mirror – because who wants 7 years bad luck. Even if its true or not.
11) Bringing a new pram/ moses basket into your home for your unborn child –I heard this superstition many times when I was pregnant. I did purchase a moses basket and stand, had it delivered and kept it wrapped up unopened. I doubt this had something to do with her being 5 weeks premature: though it is debatable.
12) Pulling out grey/white hairs – apparently 10 more grow back in its place
13) Feeling a chill run up your back – someone is walking over your grave. This is quite morbid for a superstition as I have experienced this many times.
Other things that I believe give luck are finding a finding a penny with the Queens head up, will bring me luck for the rest of the day. Find a four leaf clover, though these are hard to come by. And seeing a white feather falling is a sign that someone in heaven is saying hello.
Do you have any that I haven’t listed?

8 thoughts on “Friday 13th: My 13 Superstitions”

  1. I don't have any superstitions as I don't understand who is meant to be controlling our actions in such a way! I remember my mother-in-law telling me it was bad luck to bring a pram into a house before a baby was born but wouldn't have my pram in her house! My mum told me that years ago you simply rang up the shop on the day you left hospital with your newborn and they delivered it the same day!

  2. it's good to hear that someone else knows about the new shoes on the table, people look at me mad when I say that one. My nan was superstitious, she handed on a lot of these. Another one she used to say was if you drop a knife you'll have a visitor. Oddly enough it always seems to hold true!

  3. I'm not superstitious at all really but funnily enough, I heard the shoes on the table thing twice yesterday in work 🙂 I don't like seeing 1 magpie, that's probably the only thing I'm a bit wary of!

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