Fidget Cube; Not Just For Children, Helping with Stress & Anxiety

They’re all the latest craze right now, but fidget cubes aren’t just for children.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had an issue with sitting still.

I can remember as a child clicking the buttons on the remote trying to not accidently change the channel.

Running my fingers on my sleeves. Twirling my hair.
In school I used to tap the table or rapidly click my pen.

As I’ve got older I still click the remote though I have a separate one to the one for the TV. I used to click the mute button on my stereo under my indicator when stuck in traffic.

I can’t sit though a tv programme without doing something!

I’ve been searching for something that was less annoying for my family. I needed something small enough for my hands but gave me the same impact.

So when I found fidget cubes one day while scrolling through social media, I started doing some research.

These cubes have been over shadowed by the fidget spinners that have become popular over the last couple of months.

While I see the attaction to spinners, they aren’t for me. Something that spins just isn’t what I need.

The cubes have 5 sides for all different types of fidges.

1) Click – these five buttons are exactly what I need. Diagonally two of them are silent, and three of them click when pressed hard enough.

2) Spin – both ways.

3) Flip – like a light switch. Fast for a loud click or slow for more silent.

4) Glide – like a gaming joystick, you can also pull it too.

5) Roll – the gears and ball all roll. Plus the ball can also be clicked.

6) Breathe – the design on this side is to help reduce stress when rubbed.

While choosing my cube, I wasn’t fussed about colour or design. Just didn’t want white.

When putting fidget cube in google to find where to buy instantly amazon popped up among other sites too. The prices all varied. And so did the reviews. Only a handful where good informative reviews.

I started looking for a official website.

The site I found stock a variety of styles. Luckily for me when my partner went to purchase there was a discount price, he even chose next day delivery and it arrived the next day, in a box.

I have had this cube in my hand for the past few weeks and I wish they had invented them sooner.

Yes I can irritate my partner with the flip side, usually when I want to grab his attention.

Overall, I’ve not felt the need to go back to my remote control at all.

8 thoughts on “Fidget Cube; Not Just For Children, Helping with Stress & Anxiety”

  1. Do you know what it was only the other day I was having this conversation with my partner about a fidget spinner being able to help with my own anxiety, this looks great thanks for sharing xx

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