How we cope with the heat (and we live by the beach)

We live by the beach. So when the weather warms up not only do we see beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but along comes the uncomfortable, don’t know what to do with ourselves heat.
First thing I open most windows to get a nice cross breeze. If we’ve had an uncomfortable nights sleep then I’ll strip the beds.
I try to have the washing cycle finished by 10am ready for the drying cycle on our washing machine. Ours takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to dry the laundry but I can pause it and open the door if I need to go out. I always have the kitchen window open too!

My daughter will happily be in her nappy until we need to go out, it keeps her cool.
We used to have a water filtered jug for our fridge but I haven’t got round to replacing it yet.
I put our going out bottle in the fridge covered with clingfilm.
I get my daughter to hold a chilled wet wipe, its similar to an adult putting their hands and feet in a bucket of cold water.
Leaving the house we bring:
  • suncream factor 50, we apply a generous amount when getting ready. But we may need a top up.
  • chilled water bottle from the fridge
  • chilled wet wipes
  • pack of biscuits, an apple and raisins, so we can snack little and often.
  • shoes and socks for my daughter under the buggy.
  • sun hat, sun glasses and a lightweight hoodie just incase.
If I know my daughter won’t be able to do much walking I allow her to have bare, sun creamed covered feet when in the buggy. I helps to keep her cool.
How we cope during the day time:
  • making a plan: do we need to be out the house during the hottest hours?
  • Is it necessary?
  • Can we walk there and back?
Making a plan
I’ll check the weather report in the morning. If we don’t need to go out but still need fresh air we’ll go for our daily park walk after 4pm.
If we do need to go out, I’ll take the bottle of water and wet wipes, that I chilled the night before, out of the fridge and depending on how long will be out of the house I’ll put it in a small chill bag in the buggy basket with chilled wet wipes.
I’ll set reminders on my phone to top up our sun screen as its easy to lose track of time when we’re out.
I try to walk every where, though it may not feel like it when the heat is bearing down on me, its better that being on a bus or in a car.
If we do use the car, my partner will go and open all the windows and doors to air it out.
Late afternoon, I close all curtains and blinds in the bedrooms. Open the windows wide to start with and gradually pull my daughters in until its a few centimetres open.
Her room will be lovely a cool by the time she goes to bed.
At bath time she’ll have a slightly cooler bath. Once her hair is dry she’ll have a loose ponytail. Depending on how hot its been I’ll put her to bed in either a tshirt and nappy or just her nappy. A thin duvet, I leave a thin blanket at the end of her bed incase she does get cold.

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