I’ve gone blonde…

When I fell pregnant with my daughter I was in the process of having to grow out my bleached-dyed-pink-but-faded-out hair. Back then the salon I picked literally just wanted my money in their till. They didn’t strand test my hair so when my roots lighten quicker than my previously dyed ends…its a long story. My hair felt goodish for about a month then it was spliting, felt dry and was a nightmare to style.
I’d ruined my hair.

Back in the summer I decided that I’d had enough of being so naturally dark.
I’d been flicking through my instagram when someone I follow had posted a new photo of their hair – from dark to snow white with rainbow colours underneath is hidden when her hair is down. She tagged that her salon had used a brand called Olaplex.
After googling Olaplex for nearly an hour, I called my new salon to book a full head of highlights with my regular trim. I was advised that I needed a skin test 48 hours prior or they wouldn’t be able to do any colour services. They also don’t use Olaplex but were introducing a similar product from L’Oréal called SmartBond.
I purchased Olaplex N°3 from another salon, its usually used with N°1 and N°2 in Salon but can also be used on its own. The bottle itself is tiny compared to my usual conditioners. To use apply generous amount from roots to ends on unwashed towel-dried hair in sections and once all hair is covered, comb once and leave for 10 minutes or more depending on damage (many sites say half an hour is best). Then shampoo and condition as usual. Due to the 100ml size of the bottle I only got 2 uses out of it as my hair is just above half my back. If I’m honest I was a little bored of the process*.
First set of full head highlights / Olaplex


So when my roots started to show I booked my appointment and requested SmartBond. This is also a three salon step process. First is added to my bleach and highlift. The second is the shampoo. And the third is the conditioner which I also purchase to home.
L’Oréal SmartBond take home Conditioner


This bottle is the same size as a standard bottle as my usual conditioner. It lasts me right up to my next appointment. I personally apply a small amount, instead of rinsing after combing I’d clip my hair up and go do some housework or make a cuppa before rinsing off. While washing my hair I can feel the difference already.
I knew that going from a natural 4 to a 8 would be a big move, that it would take months and months to achieve and my hair could be left seriously damaged as before.
L’Oréal SmartBond has allowed me to achieve my colour goal in two sessions! My hair feels lovely and strong – not brittle or damaged. I’m now approaching my 4th colour appointment with SmartBond and I can’t wait for some me time!
My natural hair before and my hair now


For anyone looking for a colour change – dramatic like me or more subtle, ask your hairdresser about L’Oréal SmartBond. It is well worth it and I would recommend it to all.
*Please note: While Olaplex wasn’t for me, I know many people that love this brand, and get on really well with it.


27 thoughts on “I’ve gone blonde…”

  1. I've ruined my hair myself so many times. I've just tried the opalex system though and am so impressed. Stage 1 & 2 in the salon. I was advised I don't need to use much as a weekly treatment and leave it on over night. Such a massive difference to my hair.

  2. you look very pretty before and after although the blonde really suits you, it looks like your natural hair color. I may give a try to the L'Oréal SmartBond conditioner, it sounds very good! x

  3. Wow! Such a dramatic change! I tried to do ‘hidden hair colour’ recently and completely failed! I’m going to give my hair time to have a rest then go into a salon + get a dip dye, can’t decide between purple or blue!

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