Our Family Experience with The New Prezzo La Famiglia Pasta Sharing Bowl



My family and I love Italian food and eating out.

When we were invited to try the new La Famiglia pasta sharing bowl at Prezzo we were all looking to it.

We pre booked our table online the day before, there is an option for requirements too. For example: I wrote that we required a highchair.

Our chosen Prezzo restaurant was the Eastbourne branch. Situated a stones throw from Eastbourne station.


Upon arrival, the restaurant looked fairly busy, the host greeted our daughter and I (daddy was parking the car), welcomed us and showed us to our table that was waiting for us.

The host gave our daughter some crayons and a activity sheet to keep her occupied.

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Playing outside, top tips for turning Tears into Smiles

With the weather brightening up by the day my daughter and I are spending alot more time outside.

We tend to walk everywhere, by walking I mean we leave the house with a plan for the day and the timescale – well there isn’t one.

We love going for long beach walks and throwing pebbles in the sea, or a picnic in the park.

But our latest favourite is playing in our new garden.

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Entertaining Children When They Have a Cold #VicksTricks

Being unwell as a child
I remember when I was unwell being allowed to stay in my parents bed all day. Children’s TV wasn’t an all day thing back then and my parents TV certainly didn’t have more than 5 channels!
I’d be upstairs with my mum checking on me, bringing me water and whatever food (within reason) that I wanted, while my baby brother was downstairs. Keeping us (my two younger siblings and one seven years older) separate was a away of not having everyone sick at the same time.
Usually one of us got well and another fell ill.
We didn’t have the flu jab either.
Vicks VapoRub* was a brand I grew up with. Whenever we had a blocked nose or a full blown cold, my mum would rub some on my chest so I had a better nights sleep. My mum grew up with this product too; it was developed over 100 years ago! I also remember her making me warm juice to soothe my sore throat.

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Eating better Lunches #FloraLunchBox

Since our daughter has been in nursery full time for the past month, I have been astonished everytime I pick her up as to what the meals were and how well she did.
Going back to before this new chapter in our lives, she would only chew fruit then spit it out and wouldn’t give a banana the time of day. Its got to be down to other children’s influence.
When Flora’s Lunchbox ideas came along I welcomed the new ideas to improve our family’s eating habits.

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On the Go Adventures: #MamiaDaysOut

A huge wicker hamper arrived one Friday which my neighbours took in for me – filled with Aldi’s Mamia range of organic food and drinks. The range is suitable from weaning age to two year olds.


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Our bedtime routine with #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge

With both my partner and I now working full time Monday to Friday having a strict routine is key. Especially when it comes to bed time as anything out of the ordinary and my 2 year old isn’t settling until gone 9pm. Leaving me stressed out!

We started using Bepanthen when she was a few weeks old. I had a sample from a pregnancy pack and kept it in my baby bag. We’d been to visit family and she wasn’t herself, not showing the usual telltale signs of becoming unwell either. It was when I changed her I noticed mild redness and reached for the cream.

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My Toddler Firsts, #PetitsFilousFirsts

I recently started to give my daughter Petits Filous yogurts again. I tried her on them when she was 8 months old and she had a reaction to dairy so we were advised to stop and try again later. As she was born 5 weeks premature she may not have been ready. She’s had the odd yogurt in between but I keep forgetting to put them on my shopping list.
I took her to our supermarket and showed her the selection of yogurts she could have as chose the Petits Filous family pack over the My First Petits Filous, think its because she thinks she’ll get more with a larger pack. I purchased both.
I had a free Petits Filous spoon in one of the pregnancy packs I collected and when she was weaning as I signed up to the Petits Filous site they sent my daughter another one. These handy little spoons are perfect for the yogurts.

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