Little Dish Pop Pops Review

I’m always on the look out for healthy snacks suitable for my daughter.

My toddler daughter was sent a range of Little Dish Pop Pops to taste test.

About Little Dish

Founded by mother of two Hillary Graves, Little Dish has been making proper, healthy food for children for ten years.
Everything in the Little Dish range is approved by leading dietician Lucy Jones (MRES BSC Hons MBDA).

Little Dish range includes:
• Pots and pies
• Go Gos
• Soups
• Pizzas

What are Pop Pops?

A brand new ‘popped’ circular savoury snack.
Packed with protein, fibre and low in saturated fat.
They contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

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Ad: my nametags, back-to-school labelling

As a parent, I dislike labelling clothing etc for when the new term starts at nursery let alone when she’ll be starting school.

I have a labelling pile that continues to grow until the very last minute.

I don’t mind the ironing on part – its writing out the labels!

My daughter has quite a long name in full. It’s either write a super long label or her first and surname separately and try to get them straight/close together on the item I’m labelling.

I’ve found a company that has taken this issue for me, placed her full name on a iron on label that’s 30mm × 13mm!

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Professor Scrubbington’s – Product Review

My daughter was sent two products from Professor Scrubbington’s.


What is Professor Scrubbington’s?
They are a range of toiletries aimed at children.
Which includes Magically Foaming Conditioner, Magically Foaming Hair and Body Wash, Magically Foaming Hand and Face Wash, Magically Foaming Shampoo and Magically Fragrant Deodorant.
Children love foam, right?

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FunkyGiraffeBibs Hairbands

I wasn’t aware FunkyGiraffeBibs stocked children’s hairbands until May last year. My daughter has always had such beautiful hair. When she started nursery her hair was too short to tie back fully, haircuts were either pulled out by her or didn’t stay in place. She was always pushing her hair out of her face.

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My daughter was sent a Toddlebike2 to review, we were both excited for its arrival.

What is ToddleBike2?
It’s a pre balance bike for toddlers.
All parts are manufactured, assembled and packaged in Europe. Made to a high UK specification and all materials are CE-approved. Suitable from 18 months old, toddlers need to be confident on their own two feet first. Toddlebike2 is perfect for developing gross motor skills and independence. The four wheels are all in-line.

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Oh Happy Days Card Making Kit from Stampin’ Up! UK

I like crafts. Making something new, personal, unique and different is definately me to a T.

So when an opportunity to review a card making kit came along, I was a little excited!
Oh Happy Day card making kit from Stampin’ Up! UK arrived in a lovely box containing all the items needed to make 20 different cards. 5 different card styles with envelopes.
When I opened the box and spread out every card and design sheets I sat back thinking how did all this fit in this box?


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OXO Tot Training Cup

My first impressions of OXO Tot’s Training Cup were how little packaging there is and the overall size of cup.
Whenever I want to try something new I allow my daughter to explore it first. She knew instantly that it was a “big cup” what she meant was a big girl cup. She then noticed the flow ounce measurements on the side.
I started introducing her training cup when she is sitting in her booster seat – she’s always been an independent eater so this was a great way to start.

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Snap, Crackle and Pop by Carol Kearney

I received a copy of Snap, Crackle and Pop by Carol Kearney to read.
Love this book cover it’s so retro!
I started reading it early afternoon whilst my daughter was happily playing. I was hooked into the story from the first paragraph! I couldn’t put the book down.

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