Potty Training at Night

From our second week of potty training I introduced the Dry Like Me Night time liners.

Dry Like Me Night time liners

My aim from the beginning of our journey was to ensure my daughter was understanding her body but not confused.
She was still in night time pulls up at this point.
Most importantly she was dry throughout the night since Christmas last year. For me it was always just incase she wasn’t.

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Potty Training Week 4

Well here we are week 4 of our Potty Training Series with Dry Like Me.

Over the past four weeks we have been learning a completely new milestone for both of us.

Established adding this milestone into our everyday lives.

My daughter has learnt her body cues, to hold herself until she is at the toilet and the importance of hygiene.

I didn’t use reward charts or stickers. We didn’t clear our diary for a week a home. Nor did we make learning this stage the one and only thing of our day to day.

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Potty Training Week 3

Dry like me sun

Our third week potty training with Dry Like Me.

Since we started our potty training journey, my cleaning chores seem to have doubled.
We established early on that when she uses her potty she must wash her hands with soap. My hand soap she doesn’t like, so she’s now using Professor Scrubbington’s Magically Foaming Hand and Face Wash (see review here). My daughter never fails to forget as she loves the foam.

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Potty Training Week 1

Dry like me sun

On Sunday as part of our weekly shop we went down the children’s clothing aisle and located the girls underwear section. I found a selection in my daughter’s size and hung them at her eye level for her. We then asked her to pick two packets – one at a time that were her favourite. Letting her have control.

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Dry like Me

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Dry like Me Sun
We have been potty training for nearly a month now. It all happened so quickly; one minute my daughter flatly refused to even acknowledge her potty as anything more than a seat for her teddies. Then one Sunday afternoon she wanted her pull ups changed, with them all ready around her ankles and shuffling towards me in the kitchen. I guided her back to the living room and asked her to sit on her potty for 1 minute while I finished prepping dinner.

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