Dealing with Toddler Tantrums

Terrible Twos, Threenager strops – call it whatever you want but every toddler at some point will go through this stage.

Remember back when they were babies; cooing, laughing, exploring and crying when they wanted something. Now they’re walking, talking, laughing, exploring and – in an instant screaming the house down!

For me, my daughter was such an angel for so long that it was inevitable the tantrums would eventually come around. We got it in spades!

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Day in the Life of My Toddler V Reality Part 1


I think its morning
Rolls out of bed, lets check the window – still dark. oh my potty and books are back.
I see a light on downstairs, lets rattle the gate, see if mummy or daddy are up. [no answer]
Okay I’ll sing some songs..mummy’s alarm!
“Hi Mummy”, rattle the gate – make sure she’s really awake.
“Morning, do you need a wee wee?” says mummy. I think I do though I may have been already and my knickers are definately wet.
“I’ll try”
“Okay, you try, while mummy goes toilet and puts the kettle on.”
She’s gone! Right lets line up my books and throw my knickers and jarma bottoms across the room. Oh no, she’s coming back, I forgot to wee.

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She is growing up

I recently decided to a stop my daughter’s daytime nap. I’ve had other mums tell me that she’s too young and that their own children didn’t stop having naps until they were going on three.
My daughter is 2 years old.
My reasons to stop were she only naps in her buggy, she recently learnt that if she is laid flat that she can wiggle out of the straps -even on the tightest setting! And then she’s free.

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Warning to parents with babies or children in prams or strollers

I once went to do my local supermarket during the hottest hours of the day, I needed to do a top up shop and was planning to eat at the café too. My daughter was around 18 weeks old and had recently gone from the pram style to the buggy style of my travel system.

Like most mums I took nearly my entire house just incase I needed anything.

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How we cope with the heat (and we live by the beach)

We live by the beach. So when the weather warms up not only do we see beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but along comes the uncomfortable, don’t know what to do with ourselves heat.
First thing I open most windows to get a nice cross breeze. If we’ve had an uncomfortable nights sleep then I’ll strip the beds.
I try to have the washing cycle finished by 10am ready for the drying cycle on our washing machine. Ours takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to dry the laundry but I can pause it and open the door if I need to go out. I always have the kitchen window open too!

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Dummy…is it time to go?

When my daughter was born we were anti-dummy. Even when she was in her Special Care Baby Unit we signed a form saying that we didn’t want her to have one.


Until one day, my mother-in-law came to visit and my 8 week old daughter, at the time, just wouldn’t settle. My mother-in-law said to try it, she may not like it.


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Time to change from Cotbed to Toddler Bed

I’d been thinking about changing my daughter’s room around for a while. I made a list of what needed doing and one Monday last month I decided to do it. She hadn’t learnt to climb out of her cotbed but I’d rather we prevent an accident first.
Time to change from a cotbed to a toddler bed.
She was 22 months when I did this, the reason I waited as I wanted to be sure that she could climb on and off our sofas in the living room safely.

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