Fidget Cube; Not Just For Children, Helping with Stress & Anxiety

They’re all the latest craze right now, but fidget cubes aren’t just for children.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had an issue with sitting still.

I can remember as a child clicking the buttons on the remote trying to not accidently change the channel.

Running my fingers on my sleeves. Twirling my hair.
In school I used to tap the table or rapidly click my pen.

As I’ve got older I still click the remote though I have a separate one to the one for the TV. I used to click the mute button on my stereo under my indicator when stuck in traffic.

I can’t sit though a tv programme without doing something!

I’ve been searching for something that was less annoying for my family. I needed something small enough for my hands but gave me the same impact.

So when I found fidget cubes one day while scrolling through social media, I started doing some research.

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10 Things That Make Me Happy

So today is my birthday. While I’m enjoying the gorgeous weather and having some family time.

I’ve written 10 things that make me happy.

1) My daughter’s laugh. I’ve got videos of her laughing as a baby, nothing beats hearing her laugh.

2) Butterflies. I love butterflies I could watch them all day.

10 things that make me happy

3) Powerhoop. I’ve finally found a fitness class that I can do. Before I’ve never been about to hula hoop.

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When Job Search Emails Become Laughable

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m currently between jobs. This isn’t from lack of not trying.

What I’m looking for seems to be non existent and if it is I never even get so much of an interview.

I pick up our weekly free papers just for the job adverts, I constantly look in shop windows for advertisements.

I’ve signed up to many job search websites including the top 3 that I’ve seen on TV.

I actively apply for vacancies daily and along with that comes the daily rejection emails.

There is a few job search websites which are starting to frustrate me.

One particular site I spent hours adding all my details, work history, education etc. I set up daily email alerts relating to my location and job choice, and another when an instant job match is posted.

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My PND story: Mental Health Awareness Week


This word I can’t seem to escape from lately, it’s in the news, on the TV, my social media, everywhere I turn.

This is my breakthrough story.

A chapter in my life that I can now say is over. Really over.

Don’t get me wrong I have odd wobbles. But nothing in comparison.

As you may have noticed it’s

When I was growing up depression wasn’t so out there as it is today.

Depression wasn’t for people like me – the happy family life with siblings, married parents and never went without.

But it got me, it snuck up and took it’s hold on me.

I had Postnatal Depression. And I tried to hide from it.

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Mum On The Outside

When I was pregnant I was living in my childhood dream town. I had my partner, his two dogs and my phone.

I didn’t know anyone, not really.

I used to go out into town daily; window shopping, lunch on the beach or tea in a café. Anything not be sat indoors all day by myself.
I was walking around in a bubble of my own.

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Friday 13th: My 13 Superstitions

So today is one of two Friday 13th of 2017, the next one is in October.
With this day deemed the most unlucky day I’ve compiled a list of my 13 superstitions.
Many of which you may even have as your own.
So here we go:

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I’ve gone blonde…

When I fell pregnant with my daughter I was in the process of having to grow out my bleached-dyed-pink-but-faded-out hair. Back then the salon I picked literally just wanted my money in their till. They didn’t strand test my hair so when my roots lighten quicker than my previously dyed ends…its a long story. My hair felt goodish for about a month then it was spliting, felt dry and was a nightmare to style.
I’d ruined my hair.

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Lylia Rose online shop, admiring beautiful things

Today is my 27th Birthday. So far I’ve had cards, a free bunch of flowers from Morrisons, a voucher and a gorgeous bangle from my mother-in-law to be.
My partner has planned something for me later but its all secret!
I’ve been admiring Lylia Rose for awhile now, and dropped many hints to my partner.

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Student v Being mum

I first started looking into studying a course when my daughter was a few months old.
I couldn’t just be a stay a home mum and “just raise the baby”. I had to keep my mind busy too.
I started my first short course in March 2015. I was worried about being a part time student and a mum for the first time. The course was difficult but achievable. And it did fit easily around being a mum too.

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