Time to change from Cotbed to Toddler Bed

I’d been thinking about changing my daughter’s room around for a while. I made a list of what needed doing and one Monday last month I decided to do it. She hadn’t learnt to climb out of her cotbed but I’d rather we prevent an accident first.
Time to change from a cotbed to a toddler bed.
She was 22 months when I did this, the reason I waited as I wanted to be sure that she could climb on and off our sofas in the living room safely.

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Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet and Dry Pedi

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I was sent the Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet and Dry Foot Pedicure* to product test.
What’s in the box?
handset and roller head

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Amaryllis Natural Beauty

Today I went to a beauty studio called Amaryllis Natural Beauty, in St Leonards.

[This has now relocated to Saxon Road, Hastings.]
She was doing a taster day today with two treatments free.
I choose a leg and foot massage followed by file and paint for my feet.

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