E45 Intense Recovery Spray

I started using the new E45 Intense Recovery Spray after our mini heat wave over the May Day Bank Holiday to replenish my slightly sunburnt skin.


What’s it designed to do?

Its a quick absorbing moisturiser in a spray can that leaves skin feeling hydrated and moisturised for up to 24 hours.

How does it work?

It has a twist close cap – no need to worry about losing a lid.
Spray directly on to skin and rub in.

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Hellmann’s Sauce

I’ve been sent the new Hellmann’s Australian BBQ Sweet Grill Sauce to try.
We decided to give it ago with our dinner one evening, switching it for our usual sauce.
We had chicken with Italian herbs with rice and peas.
The sauce gave a lovely sweet BBQ flavour.
It went really well with our dinner. It really complemented our meal – making it taste sweet.
The sauce is quite thin in texture, a little goes a long way.



I’ve since used it with cheese on toast. Again it was yum!
Can’t wait to use it on future meals.
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me from BzzAgent for a test and review, however my opinions are my honest views.
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Warning to parents with babies or children in prams or strollers

I once went to do my local supermarket during the hottest hours of the day, I needed to do a top up shop and was planning to eat at the café too. My daughter was around 18 weeks old and had recently gone from the pram style to the buggy style of my travel system.

Like most mums I took nearly my entire house just incase I needed anything.

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How we cope with the heat (and we live by the beach)

We live by the beach. So when the weather warms up not only do we see beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but along comes the uncomfortable, don’t know what to do with ourselves heat.
First thing I open most windows to get a nice cross breeze. If we’ve had an uncomfortable nights sleep then I’ll strip the beds.
I try to have the washing cycle finished by 10am ready for the drying cycle on our washing machine. Ours takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to dry the laundry but I can pause it and open the door if I need to go out. I always have the kitchen window open too!

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Dummy…is it time to go?

When my daughter was born we were anti-dummy. Even when she was in her Special Care Baby Unit we signed a form saying that we didn’t want her to have one.


Until one day, my mother-in-law came to visit and my 8 week old daughter, at the time, just wouldn’t settle. My mother-in-law said to try it, she may not like it.


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Storing Clothing

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I love storage, anything that keeps my home tidy I use.But when we moved home I bagged up all my daughters clothes she’d outgrown in several bags (most went to charity or sold on social sale pages), they ended up stuck in her built in wardrobe along with my seasonal clothes for months.
Out of sight out of mind, right? Well I now need that space and I do have storage space under my bed, which is awkward to get to / find the right size boxes for.
Until I found vacuum bags*.What do you get?
6 x jumbo bags
1 x hand pump

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Student v Being mum

I first started looking into studying a course when my daughter was a few months old.
I couldn’t just be a stay a home mum and “just raise the baby”. I had to keep my mind busy too.
I started my first short course in March 2015. I was worried about being a part time student and a mum for the first time. The course was difficult but achievable. And it did fit easily around being a mum too.

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Childhood Manners

From when my daughter started weaning. I always said ‘Ta’ with a smile. She quickly picked this word up.
When she was 16 months old she started to learn to say Thank You. She would be playing, and give me a toy she’d say ‘thank you’, I’d accept the chosen toy and repeat back her thank you and ask her if she wants it back. If she does she’ll say ‘yes please, thank you mummy’
 When playing with other children she loves to share and help. She always asks if their okay too.

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