10 Things That Make Me Happy

So today is my birthday. While I’m enjoying the gorgeous weather and having some family time.

I’ve written 10 things that make me happy.

1) My daughter’s laugh. I’ve got videos of her laughing as a baby, nothing beats hearing her laugh.

2) Butterflies. I love butterflies I could watch them all day.

10 things that make me happy

3) Powerhoop. I’ve finally found a fitness class that I can do. Before I’ve never been about to hula hoop.

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When Job Search Emails Become Laughable

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m currently between jobs. This isn’t from lack of not trying.

What I’m looking for seems to be non existent and if it is I never even get so much of an interview.

I pick up our weekly free papers just for the job adverts, I constantly look in shop windows for advertisements.

I’ve signed up to many job search websites including the top 3 that I’ve seen on TV.

I actively apply for vacancies daily and along with that comes the daily rejection emails.

There is a few job search websites which are starting to frustrate me.

One particular site I spent hours adding all my details, work history, education etc. I set up daily email alerts relating to my location and job choice, and another when an instant job match is posted.

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My PND story: Mental Health Awareness Week


This word I can’t seem to escape from lately, it’s in the news, on the TV, my social media, everywhere I turn.

This is my breakthrough story.

A chapter in my life that I can now say is over. Really over.

Don’t get me wrong I have odd wobbles. But nothing in comparison.

As you may have noticed it’s

When I was growing up depression wasn’t so out there as it is today.

Depression wasn’t for people like me – the happy family life with siblings, married parents and never went without.

But it got me, it snuck up and took it’s hold on me.

I had Postnatal Depression. And I tried to hide from it.

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Playing outside, top tips for turning Tears into Smiles

With the weather brightening up by the day my daughter and I are spending alot more time outside.

We tend to walk everywhere, by walking I mean we leave the house with a plan for the day and the timescale – well there isn’t one.

We love going for long beach walks and throwing pebbles in the sea, or a picnic in the park.

But our latest favourite is playing in our new garden.

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Bath, Book, Bed with BookTrust and Jo Frost

We have been sent some lovely books, bubble bath, toothpaste and tooth brushes from BookTrust as part of their campaign for Bath, Book, Bed with Jo Frost (who’s their ambassador and spokesperson.)

Bath, Book, Bed originally launched in May 2016 and my daughter and I have been doing this routine from the start.

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Potty Training at Night

From our second week of potty training I introduced the Dry Like Me Night time liners.

Dry Like Me Night time liners

My aim from the beginning of our journey was to ensure my daughter was understanding her body but not confused.
She was still in night time pulls up at this point.
Most importantly she was dry throughout the night since Christmas last year. For me it was always just incase she wasn’t.

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Mum On The Outside

When I was pregnant I was living in my childhood dream town. I had my partner, his two dogs and my phone.

I didn’t know anyone, not really.

I used to go out into town daily; window shopping, lunch on the beach or tea in a café. Anything not be sat indoors all day by myself.
I was walking around in a bubble of my own.

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Potty Training Week 4

Well here we are week 4 of our Potty Training Series with Dry Like Me.

Over the past four weeks we have been learning a completely new milestone for both of us.

Established adding this milestone into our everyday lives.

My daughter has learnt her body cues, to hold herself until she is at the toilet and the importance of hygiene.

I didn’t use reward charts or stickers. We didn’t clear our diary for a week a home. Nor did we make learning this stage the one and only thing of our day to day.

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Little Dish Pop Pops Review

I’m always on the look out for healthy snacks suitable for my daughter.

My toddler daughter was sent a range of Little Dish Pop Pops to taste test.

About Little Dish

Founded by mother of two Hillary Graves, Little Dish has been making proper, healthy food for children for ten years.
Everything in the Little Dish range is approved by leading dietician Lucy Jones (MRES BSC Hons MBDA).

Little Dish range includes:
• Pots and pies
• Go Gos
• Soups
• Pizzas

What are Pop Pops?

A brand new ‘popped’ circular savoury snack.
Packed with protein, fibre and low in saturated fat.
They contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

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Potty Training Week 3

Dry like me sun

Our third week potty training with Dry Like Me.

Since we started our potty training journey, my cleaning chores seem to have doubled.
We established early on that when she uses her potty she must wash her hands with soap. My hand soap she doesn’t like, so she’s now using Professor Scrubbington’s Magically Foaming Hand and Face Wash (see review here). My daughter never fails to forget as she loves the foam.

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