Dummy…is it time to go?

When my daughter was born we were anti-dummy. Even when she was in her Special Care Baby Unit we signed a form saying that we didn’t want her to have one.


Until one day, my mother-in-law came to visit and my 8 week old daughter, at the time, just wouldn’t settle. My mother-in-law said to try it, she may not like it.


I’ve always had a rule that she can only have it when she’s in bed, napping or tired with her comforter. During the day she knows to leave it with Mummy.


A fortnight ago she lost her dummy when we were at shopping, we’ve never lost one before, and she was really upset about it. Broke my heart to see her so down.
She seems to be more attached to her dummy than usually lately. I always take it way when we’re playing, but she just seems to lose interested a lot quicker and just want her dummy. I request when she’s speaking to me that she takes it out and I pretend that I can’t hear her until she does so.



I’m now going to wait before taking it away. I was hoping to be dummy free before her 2nd birthday.


Shortly after writing this post my daughter started napping in the daytime without her dummy.
Knowing she could do this when it split instead of replacing it I cut the tip off.
She still wanted it with her where ever we went but she no longer needed it.
She didn’t scream at night for it and seemed to have a better nights sleep without it too.
When did you get rid of the dummy and which methods worked for you?

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  1. We didn't get rid till the weekend before 5th birthday as didn't want to ruin her actual birthday. We had a couple of wobbly nights but she soon got over it. Her dummies were taken from the house and left with a note and a toy teddy explaining they have gone to another baby as it needed them now. I wouldn't worry too much and don't rush if your daughter is happy then don't worry about what other people think. Second baby however will not take a dummy after trying 6 different brands so she has a jellycat bunny to snuggle when she's older and tired

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